The Dreaded First Weigh In

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My Weight Story

So here it goes, I will be sharing with you things that honestly I’d rather not but feel I should since I’m sure most of you can relate to the weight loss struggle.  I have to tell you I was always pretty thin without trying, I ate what I wanted and did nothing to burn it off!  All through high school I weighed 135 was a size 5, sometimes a 3 on a good day.  Then about 6months after I graduated high school in 2002 I put on 5lbs then 15, from there I stayed around 150 for a while but all of the sudden in early 2007 (probably not really all that suddenly to be honest, I just chose not to weigh myself for a while so didn’t know it was happening) I weighed 165lbs!

Even though I was horrified by this I still didn’t really do anything about it which caused me to get up to about 170lbs.  And 3 weeks before my wedding in July of 2007 my wedding gown wouldn’t zip!  I had bought my gown in the summer of 2006.  So to get through that, there were really not a lot of choices with a wedding only 3 weeks away, I starved myself and lost about 15lbs by my wedding day.  Promptly after I gained it all back, I was miserable about it but didn’t really know how to start like I said my whole life I had been eating Doritos and drinking Coke.  So I did little things like started drinking diet cokes, and water, trying to cut back on junk and I sporadically worked out but not much happened, obviously.

The Decision to be Healthier:

Then I decided to join Curves in August of 2008, I had never worked out regularly so the Curves gym was perfect for me.  It was women only, took just 30 minutes and the biggest thing that kept me going was the accountability I felt.  Those ladies asked me each time I was done a work out when I would be back and unfortunately they remembered, and if I didn’t show, the next time I came in they asked me about it “Rachel, I thought we were going to see you on Thursday, what happened?”, or if I didn’t come for a few days they would call me!! Which is so embarrassing when you really have no excuse as to why you didn’t go workout except you decided watching E! would be a better use of your time.  Needless to say I began attending 2-3 times a week, but my eating habits were still not great.  I can tell you just because you eat Lean Cuisines and drink Diet Coke does not mean you will lose weight.  And I didn’t, I fluctuated between 165-170.

Lucky for me Curves then had a free workshop at the end of January 2009, about their healthy eating plan.  I attended and bought the book, and began the eating plan the next week with a starting weight of 168.  It was simple, I wasn’t hungry, and I actually liked the foods I was eating, the hardest part was dinner only because of the smaller portion.  I was used to eating small portions at lunch but would over do it at dinner, but I stuck with it and got used to it and eventually enjoyed eating less in the evening.  I didn’t feel so gross when I went to bed.  I continued the eating plan and started working out at Curves 4-5 times a week and I was back down to 143 in only 7 months.

Then in September 2009, I got pregnant and started a job with retail hours and a longer commute which meant I was exhausted and worked at crazy times so didn’t get to the gym very often if at all.  During my pregnancy I gained 37lbs and I had all my old bad habits back.  After I had Fallyn in May 2010 I started easing back into eating better again and lost about 20lbs of the 37 by the time she was 5-6months old.  Then came our BIG SURPRISE, I was pregnant again, while this time I gained less, 28lbs, I still had started off heavier so by the time Dominic was born in September 2011 I weighed about 197-198lbs.  I know AWFUL, its terrible to have to type it!!

Weighing In:

Bringing us to now, about 6 weeks later.  I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks because I know I haven’t been eating the way I should so instead of owning up to it, I’ve been avoiding.  But today is the day and my starting weight is 177. UGH!


My dream goal would be to get back down to that wonderful 135, will it happen? Maybe, but for now my goal is going to be to start the Curves eating plan Sunday (because we will most likely go to the grocery store Friday or Saturday and I can stock up on healthy choices).  And start doing some kind of formal exercise related activity, carrying babies will no longer count, 3 times a week.  I would like to lose 1-2lbs per week and a total of at least 30-35lbs.  I will weigh in with you on Wednesdays mostly because Weigh in Wednesday is easy to remember, so you can check back here to see how I’m doing.  I will also adjust my goals for the week depending on how I did.  WISH ME LUCK! 

I’d love to hear your stories, what worked for you and what didn’t.  And be sure to follow me on Facebook for daily updates.

5 thoughts on “The Dreaded First Weigh In

  1. Rachelina I’m glad you are doing it. I’m not that brave to tell u my weight but I will weight with u on Wednesdays. I have been walking with my husband for the last 2 months. He has lost 21 pounds. I lost 1. ;0( now I’m trying to eat little meals trough the day. Hope this one work. Lets do it. Love Maria

    • I hate doing stuff like this with Vince, he always loses WAY more than me too. I’m so glad you are going to be doing this with me, it will make it easier 🙂 And it was such a hard decision to post how much I acutally weigh, but I thought I should. If this wasn’t my blog though I definitely wouldn’t.

  2. I hate doing stuff with Vince too, he always loses more 😦 I’m so glad you are going to be doing this with me, it makes it easier. And it was so hard to decide to tell people how much I weigh, but I took the plunge lol!

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