The Week Ahead

We are going to have a busy week!  Halloween, birthday planning, and a HUGE group project.

With Halloween coming up it makes it easy to plan fun things for Fallyn and I to do.  I have found since she is only 17months sometimes finding age appropriate crafts are hard.  She likes to “color” and paint, but most of the time I end up doing most the craft while she tries to get the scissors or glue from me.  But this week I’ve found some really great things for her, hopefully they all go well.  First, we bought sugar cookies, frosting, chocolate sprinkles and food coloring to decorate the cookies.  Of course we will be carving a big pumpkin, we also bought two small pumpkins for Fallyn to color or paint on I haven’t really decided.  Lastly, I’m thinking a cotton ball ghost.

The weather is also getting nicer so in keeping with my goals Fallyn, Dominic and I will be head outside for my exercise.  It will be easy to stay motivated knowing it won’t be 100 degrees out.  Going outside on walks is one of Fallyn’s favorite things to do which is also motivating as it keeps her happily entertained for 30 minutes.

Along with this nice weather and our Halloween projects it’s also Vince’s birthday Wednesday.  I haven’t planned for it AT ALL.  Ideas are appreciated and yes, I know, I’m a terrible wife.  In my defense a 17month old & 7week old have been occupying a lot of my time.  Any time I have that’s not spent taking care of babies or attempting to clean up after said babies, plus two dogs and a husband is spent working on a big project for my strategic marketing class, which will also be taking place this weekend.  Part of our MBA class will be hosting the first Rhythm & Brews an event to support Lakeland’s Imperial Symphony Orchestra, specifically their annual school day concert for Polk County’s 4th graders.  We are very excited to see all our hard work and planning in action this Saturday but also feeling EXTREMELY stressed as the count down to d-day keeps winding down.

I’ll post pictures of all our Halloween fun!  Of course, I’ll be weighing in on Wednesday, although I don’t expect to see much change as I didn’t really start eating better until today.  There will also be a post on the ups and downs of group projects since I’ve seen all sides just in the first semester of my MBA program.  Check back in often.

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