What a crazy week.  I had so much fun with Fallyn, we went to the park twice, made Halloween cookies for Vince’s birthday, finished the planning for our event and were able to hold an amazing event.  We went to a fall festival, carved our pumpkin, and of course on tomorrow’s agenda is Trick or Treating.

Another exciting development, a girl I went to high school with read my blog and has challenged me to a weight loss competition which will begin tomorrow!  I’m very excited about this challenge.  Between the competition and my accountability I face weighing in for everyone to see each week, I think I’ll be able to stay on track.  We’ll be using the website to keep track of our progress.  You only pay $10 to start a competition.  I just weighed myself that was terrible between my stress eating and weighing myself at night I’m up 4lbs!  TIME TO GET SERIOUS!

I’ll catch you up on all our happenings tomorrow, I have lots of pictures to share of our fun last week.  For now I bid you good night!

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