The Challenge

After posting this blog and sharing with everyone my struggles with my weight, I have been invited to participate in a weight loss challenge.  The competition will be between me and a friend from high school.  Our goal is to loose 35lbs by Jan 31.  This is going to take a lot of effort, as we will have to loose about 3lbs a week to meet it!  To congratulate each other at the end who ever looses the most or if we both loose the 35, we are going to send each other a surprise bundle worth $50.  We are using to track our progress, it is a website community of people trying to loose weight and get healthy.  It is free to register and then only $10 per person to start a competition, your competition can be for anything weightloss, exercise minutes, inches lost.  It’s a really great site.

That means no more excuses, no more I’ll exercise tomorrow, no more I’ll just have one piece of cake!  NO MORE!  It’s time to get serious.  Exercise needs to be a daily occurance.  While food is something to enjoy there are plenty of things that I still can enjoy without it causing me to tip the scale!  I have to implement portion control, make better choices and cut out pretty much anything white! (white bread, sugar, rice etc)

I am disappointed today because it is raining, I wanted to try the walk/run approach to start increasing my cardio endurance and of course running is the quickest way to burn off FAT!  But instead I will use the wii fit to do a little yoga and strength training and some fun cardio.  And tonight is trick or treating so I will get a short walk in as well.

As far as diet I’ll be using the Curves diet approach and this week I’ll limit my calories to 1200 per day this equates to 200 at breakfast, 400 at lunch and dinner and 2 100 calorie snacks.  They also provide guidelines as to what each meal should contain for example breakfast is 1protein & 1 dairy/fruit/grain.  There is also charts provided to tell you what a serving is, and of course recipes are provided to start you off with some ideas.  While all this may sound a bit complicated it really is not;  for example this morning I had scambled eggs with cheese and I’ll have yogurt as snacks.  Now next week my calories will be upped to 1500 so my metabolism doesn’t take a dive from too few calories over an extended period.

Wish me luck to stay strong, resist temptation and stay motivated to work out!  I will still be weighing in to post on Wednesday, but I’ll probably weigh myself daily to stay on track!  I’d also love to hear some of your healthy recipes as I can eat an unlimited amount of most vegetables but do not have many vegetable recipes in my repertoire.

4 thoughts on “The Challenge

    • You too, today was a good start. I ate well, I forgot how good you can feel when you eat the right kinds of food! And did 30 minutes on Wii Fit, and I for trick or treating we walked at least 3 miles!!

  1. I just watched Dr Oz today and he was recommending Tony Horton’s 10 min a day workouts,you should check this out. Good Luck in your challenge.

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