Another Weigh In with a New Outlook

Thoughts before weighing in:

Here we are at another weigh in.  This week I am actually excited to see my progress, not sure I made a big dent since I started my weight loss challenge on Monday and that’s really when I started really tackling my weight issues.  Since Monday I am finding it a lot easier to make better choices.  I exercised Monday and Tuesday and ate very well.  So far I’m off to a good start today as well.   On the agenda is yoga and strength training with the Wii Fit, and tomorrow a walking date at the lake again this time with a partner, I’m hoping walking with someone will help me kick up my pace!  I know that it’s only the first week but I think I can do this long term.  I have plenty of supporters to stay accountable to!

I am feeling a lot better, already I have more energy, feel less tired and moody.  I had forgotten how much better you feel when you eat things that are actually good for you; your body tends to thank you for it.  Even though my walk on Tuesday was not at the level I would have liked, it took me almost an hour to walk 3 miles,  and I do admit I was disappointed.  Then, I realized that not exercising for over a year and pushing a double stroller is going to slow you down, and it was pretty windy which didn’t help matters at all!

Beginning Weight:  177
Last Week:  177

This Week: 176

Thoughts after knowing my new weight:

So down one pound good start for my challenge as I have to be down 3 by Monday to stay on track.  Just some side information on Sunday night I weighed in and was up to 181!  Granted weighing at night had a big impact but still I’ve probably lost a bit more than just a pound since Monday, mostly water weight of course but weight all the same.  My weight gain was again due to stress/boredom eating!

With the help of Lindsey (my challenge partner) I have been able to start changing that thinking.  Yesterday, I was feeling pretty stressed and was about to go to McDonald’s to pick up a $1.99 Happy Meal to “feel better”.  Then I thought HOW RIDICULOUS! I do not actually feel better after eating junk why would a ruin effort that I have already put forth.  This stress and my good decision NOT to eat at McDonald’s also inspired me to tackle the lake (which was the location of my 3mile walk) and not just a quick walk around the neighborhood!

Having someone to vent to and to say DON’T do it, DON’T give in helps so much.  I have to think if I give in then Lindsey might too so it helps when you are making good choices not just for you but for someone else.  I would hate for her to loose motivation becasue I have no will power.   Having to report to someone has been a big motivator.  Now not only do you read about how I’m doing, Lindsey asks me how things are going.   Luckily I can happily report things are going well.  Exercise is starting to become a scheduled part of my day, instead of something I’ll fit in if I get the chance.  I have a few people who would be interested in walking around the lake with me, so I can’t just not show once a plan is made.  These are all things helping me to get to my goal.

I hope if you are struggling some of my tips work for you, if you can find someone who needs to eat better, or exercise more, or loose about the same amount of weight as you do, I would talk to them.  I don’t  know if I would have this new outlook if I wasn’t “competing” with someone.  And as always I would love to hear how your week went, or any good tips you may have for me!  Last week I was recommended to try Tony Hortons 10min workouts, I haven’t yet but plan to look them up, as there are many times when I could fit 3 10 minute mini workouts in throughout the day but finding 30 minutes straight is difficult.

I hope you make healthy eating choices today, and maybe take a short walk or even just take a few minutes to stretch!

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