More STRESS & Weighing In

Well, if I thought I couldn’t get anymore stressed I was wrong!  Two kids and an MBA were enough for me to be honest, I had NO idea how much worse it could get!  Here is the back ground info to the new stress I’m facing.  We, like so many others, bought our house in 2007 at the height of the housing market prices, we were about to get married and thought we should buy before prices get any higher.  We found a nice little starter house and jumped in!  Then everything went down hill, our house is only worth about half of what we owe on it and we qualified for NONE of the wonderful government programs that could help us.  To summarize after exhausting many options we got a lawyer and decided to short sale our house.  In July it went on the market and after just one weekend and two views we had an offer!

We were ecstatic, but then we had to wait for the bank to approve the offer.  I can tell you we WAITED AND WAITED AND WAITED!  Now, FINALLY on Monday (4 Months later) we get the phone call the bank has excepted the offer and wants to close November 30th.  While this is great news, we now have a just a few weeks to find a place to live and pack up our house.  To add to the difficulty of finding a new place to live we have two medium-large sized dog.  Luckily we have many good friends and may have already found a place.  We are just waiting to hear back about the dogs.  If this house doesn’t work out there are many people keeping their eyes open for us so I know we will find the right place.

Mean while it’s Weigh in Wednesday again!  As mentioned before I am a stress eater!  So far I’ve done really well and haven’t cheated.   I will tell you that box of  White Chedder Cheez Its in the cabinet has been calling my name!  But here we are at another weigh in and my challenge is a big part of what is keeping me motivated, its what is keeping me from answering the constant call of those delicious, salty snacks!  Here’s a quick review of the challenge:  Lindsey and I must lose 35lbs by January 31st.  This equates to about 3lbs every week to meet that goal, so this week by Monday I’ll need to weigh 171lbs if I want to be on track.

Beginning Weight:  177
Last Week’s Weight:  176

Today’s Weight:  173

I’m down 1lb from Monday!  Yesterday I did not work out at all so that has to be my only day off this week.  Today I have walked the lake with a friend and will be walking again in my neighborhood this evening with another friend!  In a month where we remember the things we are thankful for, I realize I have a lot.  Friends and family to support us tops my list of things that I am thankful for.

6 thoughts on “More STRESS & Weighing In

  1. You’re doing a great job!! I feel you on this house issues… I bought mine in 2007 too. On top of that…when Danny got the job offer in SC we had 10 days to move 500 miles away (and it was Christmas)! Too bad you don’t live closer…I’ve got a couple of extra bedrooms 🙂 It will all work out in the end… the house will be behind you and you’ll be 35 lbs lighter 😛 Don’t give in to the Cheez-its!!

  2. You go girl! Good seeing you this morning and I will say a prayer that you find the perfect place to stay! :)I wish we were ready to rent out our house! Hopefully soon!

    • Thanks Cari, it was nice to see you too! We really should try to get together at a time that doesn’t involve you taking our pictures! Although I do love those times too 😉 We think we have found something in Orlando, only 25-30 minutes away from Vince’s work. We are waiting to hear. Thank you for the prayer!!

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