Weighing in After a Bad Day

Here we are back at Wednesday.  I was disappointed on Monday when I weighed in to my weight loss challenge and had only lost 2lbs.  Then yesterday I had a bad eating day, while it wasn’t terrible but I did take my daughter to McDonald’s.  Here we have $1.99 Happy Meals on Tuesdays & Thursdays so we both had a Happy Meal.  And when she didn’t eat all of hers I ate the rest 😦  For dinner yesterday I did do better, but if  I want to lose 3lbs a week I have to stay on track all the time!  It is hard with Fallyn and Vince eating whatever they want,  moving, and Thanksgiving coming up.  I haven’t decided what to do on Thanksgiving day, I’m thinking of keeping my portions very small and even then only eating the things I absolutely love.  I’d love some recommendations of how to get through the holidays and keep losing weight!

Starting Weight: 177
Last Week’s Weight:   173

Today: 172

So luckily today’s weight is still the same from Monday, so my bad choices yesterday did not have too bad an effect on my overall goal.  But I still would like to be down to 168 by Monday.  Since I only lost two last week, I’ve added the extra to my goal for this week!  Hopefully carrying lots of boxes over the weekend will burn plenty of calories!!

An update from last week as well we have found a house and will be moving in this weekend.  We are again so thankful to the great friends and family we have.  I am sad to be leaving my first house but so relieved to start over.  We are moving closer to my family who I have missed in the time I have lived an hour+ away from all of them.  We will also be closer to Vince’s work which will be nice.  The only concern is that now I will be an hour and 15 minutes from my school.  Since I only have class on Saturday we decided this was a sacrifice that we could deal with.

What a crazy year we’ve had!!!!  The one up ahead is going to be just as exciting.  Fallyn will be two, Dominic will turn one and I will have an MBA!  Wish us luck!!

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