Not a Good Weigh In

This morning I woke up excited for weigh in Wednesday. Even though I had only lost one pound on Monday, I was back into my low carb eating and I had done level 2 of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred on Monday and Tuesday. But to my horror, the word horror may seem dramatic but I can promise that’s putting it mildly, I have gained 2 pounds since Monday! 

Beginning weight:  177
Last week: 168

Today:  169 😦

I am truly at a loss for how this happened and majorly disappointed at this set back!  This just was not what I expected or needed this week.  My first semester of my MBA program is almost over. We close on our house today. I have a big group project due on Saturday and I’m the weak link in this particular group (not a good feeling).  I really wanted and needed todays weigh in to turn out well.

Now that I have gotten all the disappointment off my chest. Its time to move on!  My goal for next Monday is still 162.  7lbs to loose this week!! So how the heck am I going to get there. Jillian Michaels everyday, grilled chicken,  veggies, low fat cheese and eggs. Its not going to be a fun 5 days but I really need to stay on track. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated, I’m needing some big time motivation!

8 thoughts on “Not a Good Weigh In

  1. Rachel, With all of the stress you have had this week, don’t beat yourself up about the weight. Also, don’t set yourself up for “failure” by setting such a lofty goal for a 7lb weight loss in 5 days. There is no REAL time limit, just steady loss (and occasional gain) for as long as it takes to get there. This is a lifetime thing, BELIEVE ME! A realistic goal is about 1 to 2 pounds per week (as I’m sure you know). You’re doing great, just stick to it…it will happen for you! Love, “Aunt” Laura

    • I know aunt Laura its just very disappointing to think you’re doing so well then have that shock. I say goal very loosely as I know its not likely to loose seven pounds in 5 days. For me with a large goal in my mind it helps me stay motivated even if I only end up loosing the 2lbs I know I did good. But if I set a small goal such as the 1-2per week I find myself taking little cheats with eating or not working out as much.

  2. Have you thought about measuring yourself instead of weighing yourself, or at least doing the two in conjunction?

    If you’re exercising and building some muscle it’s quite probable you’ve lost fat but gained muscle. Muscle is denser than fat, so you can get smaller and still weigh more.

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