Back Again!

Last week was very disappointing when weigh in Wednesday came around and I discovered I had gained two pounds since Monday (Thanksgiving finally caught up to me by Wednesday), which was also a pound over my weight the week before.  I had a mini fit and decided to keep going.  It wasn’t easy but I got a lot of encouraging posts regarding last week’s weigh in and I talked to Lindsey (my competition partner) A LOT! All these things combined helped to keep me motivated and didn’t send me running to Publix for chocolate cake!  I have been keeping a low carb diet which I will be on for another week, after that I will be adding back in complex carbs (fruit, whole wheat grains, etc.)  I can’t wait for that!  As far as exercise I have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30Day Shred level two work out.  It is perfect!  You get an amazing workout in only 20 minutes, and when Jillian talks you feel like she is speaking directly to you, I know it sounds cheesey but it’s a really great video.  For anyone who has BrightHouse Networks for cable you can try it on the Sprots & Fitness on Demand channel it’s under exercise tv.  I have been viewing it on Demand but I think I’m going to buy it as well so I can get the other levels.  Here is where I now stand:

Beginning Weight:  177
Last Week: 😦 169

Today:  165!!!!!!! 

So right now I am weighing a little less than I did pre-Dominic! Now to get off the left over weight from Fallyn.  I know I said last week the goal was 162, but I am amazingly happy with 165, obviously 162 was quite a strech.  I am still on track to reach the ultimate competition goal of 35lbs in 3months.

Other news is we are thinking of doing the Warrior Dash in Lake Wales, FL on January 21 or 22.  A 5k through the mud with obstacles!  I definitely don’t want to be embarressed or not able to finish.  I will be training, any advice would be greatly appreciate as this will not only be my first Warrior Dash, but also my first 5k.  I am excited though, I’m thinking that training for an event like this will keep me motivated to exercise.

Another motivating factor, I was able to wear a pair of jeans yesterday that I hadn’t been able to pull up past my thighs a few weeks ago!  And we all know how you feel when a pair of jeans doesn’t fit anymore 😦 Now, I can tell you it felt AMAZING when they did fit, it wasn’t even a struggle to zip and button 😉

I wanted to also tell you sorry for the lack of pictures lately, my camera is MIA from the move but I plan to locate it within week’s end.  I’ve been said because I’ve made a few really great recipes that I wanted to share.  Don’t worry I’ll make them again and update you, most were tests so I wasn’t sure I would be sharing and then they turned out so good I was sad I didn’t get pictures to share.    And just so you are not bored I will also be posting our pictures taken by the amazing Cari Vaughn, if you haven’t already check out her website.  She is an amazing artist and I can’t wait to share with you our photos that she has given us.  Honestly though, I sometimes go on her website and look at all the pictures of others.


2 thoughts on “Back Again!

  1. Rachel I think you are doing great.. It is definitely not easy and takes a lot of will power. It is not only about losing the weight but also living a healthy lifestyle and setting an example for your children. Keep it up the good work.

    • Thanks aunt Susan. I definitely want to be a good role model for Fallyn and Dominic. Exercise especially is so important. My Wii Fit age was actually my true age for the first time today which was really exciting. I had been like 40 lol. I hope we can see you guys soon.

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