Weighing After a Week Back on Track

I’ve spent the past week getting back on track after a week of regressing back to my old bad habbits of not exercising and eating horribly!  I did a cleanse started the Body by Vi diet, and exercised using Just Dance 3 and The Biggest Loser Challenge for Wii.

All in all its been a rough week, to be honest I was hungry sore and disappointed that I let myself go back (even if it was just for a week) to my old ways.  But by Monday I was feeling back a healthy normal.  I didn’t feel as hungry all the time I wasn’t craving sugar and chips anymore, and I my motivation to workout has been much easier to find again.

Beginning Weight: 177
Last Week: 164

Today: 161 🙂

I’ve lost the weight I gained over Christmas plus an extra pound!  For my weight loss challenge I have 17lbs still to loose by the 31st.  I am not sure its going to happen I know 35lbs in 3months was a big goal especially when the three month span started on Halloween and went through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  In the two and a half weeks I have left I do plan to loose at least half of the 17lbs I have left.  After this competition is over I’m hoping Lindsey will want to do another with me.  Because, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have gotten this far without someone who has a similar goal.  This would be my best advice for anyone trying to loose weight and get healthier.  Find someone with a similar goal as you start a competition,  or set a partial goal together and hold each other accountable.

I wanted to tell you more about the two Wii games and the Body by Vi diet and what has been working for me.

Just Dance 3
For Just Dance 3, I’ve set weekly goals to get 7000 sweat points.  You get sweat points as the remote moves, if I play for 30min-an hour like 5 times a week its easy to meet this goal.  The time goes by really quickly as its fun and Fallyn loves seeing me dance around like a fool and she even dances too 😉  If you need some fun cardio I definitely recommend this as it doesn’t feel like you are working out, but you sure do end up in a sweat!  You can also have a higher or lower sweat point goals, 3,500 or 21,000.  Since I’m doing other workouts I stuck with the 7000.  If you are going to use Just Dance as your main workout then the 21,000 sweat point goal would be better.  Overall, I’m loving it!  Now you can cheat and just wave your arms around but that’s definitely not as fun  and obiviously, you would be cheating yourself and not getting a workout.

The Biggest Loser Challenge for Wii
Next, I’ve started the Biggest Loser Challenge game.  I really like that one too I may be biased as I am a fan of The Biggest Loser, but its still a good workout.  You start by doing a fitness challenge, weigh in and take your measurements.  It then asks your weight goal and gives you recommendations on your workouts such as main goal, focus etc. this is based on your fitness test scores.  You can opt to skip the test and just pick your own but I’m glad I did it, it has started me off on the challenging level, where I may have thought my appropriate level was lower.  Also, before your first workout you tell it how long you want your workouts to be after you can adjust the time if it was too easy or too hard.  I chose 20min which you total workout time with a good stretching section at the end is about 25-28min.  There are also extra workouts such as yoga, they have fitness tips and recipes  available as well.

Body by Vi:
Then I’ve started the Body by Vi diet.  This is a shake diet where you have a shake for breakfast one for lunch, a healthy dinner and healthy snacks.  I’m liking this so far too.  What I’ve figured out in the week I’ve started is that you need to look up recipes to make different shakes so you don’t get bored, and I would recommend staying away from fruit as your healthy snack just because the shakes are already sweet so I feel like fruit would be too much sweet stuff all day and you wouldn’t be able to keep it up.  So far my favorite shake recipes are 6-8oz of fat free milk, two scoops of powder 6-8frozen strawberries and a couple ice cubes all blended in a blender and I LOVE 6oz of fat free milk, two scoops of powder, 1tbsp of peanut butter and 1tbsp of unsweetend cocoa powder and some ice cubes again blended.  The recipe actually called for reduced fat peanut butter which would be better but we have so much regular stuff from Vince’s couponing, so I use a little less that a full tablespoon of each (peanut butter and cocoa).  As snacks I’ve gotten reduced fat cheese I’ll have about an ounce of that, hard boiled eggs and some of the veggie soups that have about 100 calories a serving.  If I do a serving of soup than that’s the only snack I have for the day but I’ve found it really helps me stay with it since sometimes I’ve found it hard to eat things that are cold all day; sometimes you just want something hot.  My dinners I’ve been keeping to 400-600 calories.  I’ll keep you updated  so far after a week on the diet this is what I’ve found works best for me.  If you are considering this diet I hope these tips help you too.

Posts to look forward to, how I got my babies to sleep through the night and a Buffalo Chicken dip recipe!


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