The RIGHT Number of Babies

How many babies is the right number?  This is the question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, and I mean A LOT!  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have 4 children.  Yes, I have many times been looked at like (and  even told) I was crazy.

About 7 Months Pregnant with Dominic

Now, once I got married is when I really started to think about it.  I knew from seeing other pregnant women that I would not be one to enjoy pregnancy.  So, I hoped to reach my goal of 4 children I would have twins.  If I expressed this wish out loud I got even more “you must be crazy” looks and comments.

I know what you’re thinking, what about what Vince wants.  Well, when we had discussions about it he always said 2, so we decided we could compromise at 3.  Me secretly hoping for my two sets of twins 😉

The Reality:
Now that I have been pregnant twice I can tell you with extreme certainty that I do not enjoy it.  I don’t like/need others to lift things for me or give me their opinion of every thing I do.  I was uncomfortable, hot, swollen and FAT.  Yes, blah blah blah my baby was growing inside me, I was very well aware, thank you.  I think other women do not look fat when they are pregnant, infact, I know a number of women who took to pregnancy very well and were actually stunning.   But I FELT FAT.

My only enjoyable moments came in hearing my babies’ heart beat, seeing them on the monitor during an ultra sound or feeling them kick.  Those moments are  short lived.  It wasn’t until I had my baby in my arms that I forgot all my discomfort.

Fallyn was such a good big sister right away!

When we were dating people asked when are you going to get engaged?  Once we were engaged, it was when’s the date?  Once our date was set we heard, when are you going to have kids?  When I was pregnant with Fallyn, can you guess?  People asked when I would be having another.  Give me a chance to enjoy each thing as it happens for goodness sake!

Which brings us to the questions I get now.  You have a boy and a girl, aren’t you done?  Well, to be honest I don’t know!  We are very torn, to be very honest the world was made for people with two children.  Not to mention the expense for having multiple children.  I want to be able to save money for my kids’ first cars, their education, sports, dance, art, etc.  And even if I have an amazing job and make good money well less children means less division of those resources, so they will just get more, which in my opinion doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Of course, there are also other things to consider.  If God forbid something happened to Vince and I someone would have to take on the responsibility of raising our children,  and let’s be honest, the more children we have the harder the responsibility becomes.

I have also consider how undeniably LUCKY we have been.  I was able to get pregnant easily, during pregnancy the biggest issue I had was high blood pressure in the last few weeks, my children are happy and healthy.  Not everyone has been blessed the way we have been.  I am thankful every minute of every day.  Vince surprisingly is just as torn as I am, for all the same reasons.  Because we get the question all the time we’ve had countless discussions on the subject.  He always said 2 but now he doesn’t know!

Our "Perfect" Family

Baby Conti #3
Will there be a baby Conti #3?  Maybe, right now I can’t say for sure.  We are enjoying our babies right now as they are, what God and the Universe have in store for us, well who can really say.  I’ll continue to stay thankful for what I have been given.  And we’ll see where this road takes us!


6 thoughts on “The RIGHT Number of Babies

  1. Number three has been my biggest joy and biggest worry. She changed our family in ways that can’t be put into words. Go for it!

    • ME too, I knew someone had to be having the same internal struggle! The worst part is when people make assumptions for you about what you should or should not want to do!

  2. Ladies, most of the time it’s not a decision that you can make. Ask around, I bet you will find so many 3rd babies are definately unplanned gifts from God! Only he knows the plans he has for you!

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