About Me NOW:

My life as of late has seemed to come in increments of 16 months.  So, I created this blog to share my journey with you. I am the mother of two children born just a little less than 16 months apart, SURPRISE!! My second baby born just this September.  Now just to make things a bit more interesting I decided I should get my MBA, in a full-time program whose classes meet all day on Saturday, luckily I will graduate in only 16 months.  To top it all off of course, two pregnancies and a LOVE of food have left me with nonexistent exercise habits and 35-40lbs to lose!  I will share my life with you my family, friends, school and weight loss as candidly as possible the struggles and laughter, I can tell you there is a lot of both.

How I got HERE:

I graduated college with my undergraduate degree in April 2007 and was married in July of that same year.  Two years later we decided to grow our family and my daughter was born in May of 2010. Then, well as I like to say God saw my first child as such a success he decided we should go ahead and do it again, my son was born in September 2011.  During my pregnancy I received a letter from the college I studied my undergraduate with offering me information on a new full-time Saturday MBA program that could be completed in 16 months.  And maybe it was a hormonal impulsive decision but I decided to go for it.  When I graduated I knew I would go back for an MBA at some point, I wasn’t at a job I loved or that was very high paying, like so many college graduates right now, AND since daycare was going to eat most of my paycheck any how ($300 a week for 4 days!) what was there to lose (besides my sanity).  I could stay home while my children were young AND earn an MBA.

What You will Find:

I hope in reading my blog you will relate, laugh, find comfort and inspiration.  I will share with you my thoughts, opinions and stories, things that I find interesting, or helpful that relate to family, fitness, and education, my studying, tests, and projects.  I will share anything that helps me, be a better wife and mom, a more efficient student, or healthier person!

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. You are witty, beautiful, and courageous and I am proud to be your friend!

    That being said, sorry I suck at helping you exercise! I am really going to try to quit being so lazy and jump on the “let’s get healthier” bandwagon! I can say I had a salad today for lunch… but… I washed it down with a Pepsi… Hey, it’s a step in the right direction! At least I am no longer pretending to be allergic to clorophyll!!

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