We are EXTREMELY Blessed!

I’m BACK….

Have you missed me?  Well, I’ve missed you!  Life got away from me and all of the sudden I realized its been months since I’ve written.  I have plenty of updates for you.  As you know I was in the home stretch of my weight loss goals with the help of Shakeology and Brazil Butt Lift’s Slim and Lift program.  Well God or the universe had something else in mind for me and I discovered I was pregnant in April!

With News, News and more News….

Fallyn at Disney for her 2nd Birthday!

We are in store for round three and couldn’t be happier, while we had been on the fence about our third child (The Right Number of Babies) and to tell you the truth my husband was considering having a vasectomy, our family couldn’t be happier than we are.  Again God and the universe must have known our family wouldn’t be complete with out a third child!  We will be expecting baby number3 around December 10th.

By the way, guess when graduation for my MBA is….December 15th, meaning finals will happen December 8th.  I will go out of my MBA the same way I came in pregnant/just having delivered a baby.  It is a little stressful but I got through it once I can certainly do it again 🙂

Other news, I have been working on a weight gain goal of 20-25lbs, this number is based on my beginning weight as being on the high end of healthy, as well as myself knowing in my last two deliveries 3 weeks after having the baby I lost 20lbs, which tells me that was the extra weight I was supposed to have gained.

While I have continued working out, this summer we’ve taken many vacations, so I’m having trouble moving out of vacation mode back into normal!  Well summer is almost over so I have plans!!

20 Weeks Pregnant

After I have the baby reaching my fitness goals will take priority again.  I already have my plans in place.  As soon as I feel good again after delivering I’ll start walking, then 6wks later after my postpardum check up as long as I’m good I’ll start one of the Beachbody Programs!  I’m thinking a round of Brazil Butt Lift followed by either Insanity or Les Mills Pump.  I really want Pump, the results I’ve seen from others are AMAZING!!  But so are the Insanity results so I’m still torn but I have time to decide.

Baby #3 Gender Reveal at Siesta Key…IT’S A GIRL!

And more updates…Fallyn turned 2 and Dominic will be 1 in about a month.  Time FLIES!!!  I have maintained a 4.0 GPA in my MBA which I’m extremely excited about.  My summer class is almost over so hoping to keep that 4.0 and move into my last semester starting at the end of the month.

In the near future…..

Some of the posts I have planned coming up will include, trying to stay on track when you feel as hungry as a trucker, working on your marriage, trying to keep your house in at least a decent condition when you have two children and two dogs bent on causing its destruction, the importance/myths of lifting weights, dealing with inconsiderate comments or unwanted opinions, teaching your children and more recipes.


Christmas Happenings and A Weigh In

I have finished my first semester of grad school with A’s in all three of my classes.  I’m pretty pleased with myself right about now, I’m having fun with my kids, loosing weight and kicking ass in my MBA.

Now that my first semester is over and I have 4 weeks completely to myself I still have a lot to tackle.  The Warrior Dash is a definite, so the goal is to become at least a jogger in the next few weeks.  Luckily, I have enlisted a couple people to help me work on that.  I also am going to hit potty training with Fallyn hard, she’s still a little younger than average to start but I think she’s ready.  She knows when her diaper is wet and has told me a few times she has to go #2 and made it to the potty.  I know that part is so gross to share for people who don’t have kids SORRY!!  And biggest thing of all is I have done VERY LITTLE Christmas shopping 😦  Hopefully I get some inspiration  on what to get and Vince and I can get some of it done tomorrow.  I know mostly I’m going to be making lemon poppy seed bread and some type of chocolate cookies for everyone but also trying to get people small gifts UGH!

Sunday we went to Universal and Islands of Adventure for our VERY FIRST child free day since Fallyn was born.  It was so much fun, I am a fan of Harry Potter and the area dedicated to the books in Islands of Adventure is amazing.  It is so detailed, I loved it.  We also got to see the Grinch and some Who’s in Dr. Suess’ Landing which was also beautiful and very fun.  Friday we are all headed to Mickey’s Very Merry Christamas Party.  I’m pretty excited because Fallyn can ride most of the rides at the Magic Kingdom Park.  Other exciting news I have been asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends’ wedding this June!!!  I’m so excited she is going with a romantic/glamour theme and things look beautiful.

Now on to the most important item for Wednesday my weigh in.  I have been doing really good with my low carb eating, but have been working out less.  Soon workouts will not be an option!  If I want to be able to make it through the Warrior Dash there’s no choice I have to fit them in.

Starting Weight:  177
Last Week:  165

Today:  162 🙂

Goal, I would like to be under 160 by Christmas!   I am also going to be actually doing a walk/run 4x a week starting next week.  I’ll still keep eating well,  at the end of the week I’ll be adding fruit and whole grains back into my diet but still not more than 3 servings a day for these complex carbs.  By the way I’ve found that once you make the decision that you want to be a healthier happier you and really want to loose weight making better eating choices isn’t that hard.  It’s not always the easiest for example when you are at a theme park and need a snack there are NO low carb options so you just have to be hungry until your husband feels sorry for you and buys you an $8 hot dog since it’s the only thing you can find that’s low carb.  For Disney I’m going prepared, with a small lunch bag for cheese sticks and fruit to share with Fallyn.  I also attribute the fact it’s far easier this time to stay on track to my very public weighing, and to joining Lindsey in the weight loss competition.

Just so you can get an idea how far I’ve come I included some pictures.  When I was pregnant with Dominic I got up to 198lbs.    When I started this blog I weighed 177, in mid October but at the end of the month I had gained two lbs and weighed 179 when I started the competition with Lindsey.  Even though in the 3 months since I’ve had Dominic I have lost 36lbs unfortunately I was not at an ideal weight when I got pregnant.  I still have about 25lbs I’d like to loose and quite a ways to go.  I’ll be back here with you every Wednesday to weigh in, and Lindsey and I are planning to start another competition when this one is over to get the rest of our weight off!

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Group Work in Grad School


This article is a conflict resolution guide for students working in groups it also outlines how to efficiently accomplish a task.  I think all graduate programs should assign some kind of reading like this before assigning any kind of group work!  While I think most people enjoy working in groups it is not an easy thing to do and as the group gets larger the harder it becomes.  In theory work is divided amongst the members equally, each person completes their tasks then everything comes together harmoniously.  Emphasis on IN THEORY!  We all know that there will most likely be someone who is doing more work than us (and we love that person for it) and someone who is doing less than us (which may drive us crazy depending on how much less and other circumstances).  There will be strong personalities and group members who just do not get along.

We’d think as adults we could easily find solutions to these conflicts but in reality this is often not the case.  In my opinion group work in a school setting for adults becomes even harder.  In high school and even in our undergraduate classes group work is much more easily managed.  Because most do not have much of a “life” beyond school, and more than likely group members live within short distances of each other.  As graduate students everyone is working full time, some have husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends, maybe children and do not necessarily live in the same area.  Scheduling becomes a HUGE factor, how can a time be coordinated when all group members can meet.  Then of course as we become older the more set in our ways we become, while some have a take charge kind of attitude, others have to be guided.  There are all kinds of conflicts that can arise when people work in groups, this article covers some of them and give a nice step by step process that can be followed to help solve these problems.

Now, I don’t mean that this articles advice should be followed exactly because most of the steps in the process happen naturally.  It does open your mind to as to how to make group work more efficient, things that should be discussed and worked out right away while there are other items that can be left to work out later.  Most important I think most people need a brush up on their conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

While all this may seem like common sense, I can tell you from recent projects that it is not!    My recommendation would be if you are looking for a graduate school enter a program that will be a cohort where you will complete all your classes with the same group of people.  I am starting to discover that the better you get to know people it does make things a bit easier, because you understand that person better and something about them that may have driven you crazy in the beginning you now find not only tolerable but endearing.  Getting to that point can be quite a journey.


What a crazy week.  I had so much fun with Fallyn, we went to the park twice, made Halloween cookies for Vince’s birthday, finished the planning for our event and were able to hold an amazing event.  We went to a fall festival, carved our pumpkin, and of course on tomorrow’s agenda is Trick or Treating.

Another exciting development, a girl I went to high school with read my blog and has challenged me to a weight loss competition which will begin tomorrow!  I’m very excited about this challenge.  Between the competition and my accountability I face weighing in for everyone to see each week, I think I’ll be able to stay on track.  We’ll be using the website weightlosswars.com to keep track of our progress.  You only pay $10 to start a competition.  I just weighed myself that was terrible between my stress eating and weighing myself at night I’m up 4lbs!  TIME TO GET SERIOUS!

I’ll catch you up on all our happenings tomorrow, I have lots of pictures to share of our fun last week.  For now I bid you good night!

The Week Ahead

We are going to have a busy week!  Halloween, birthday planning, and a HUGE group project.

With Halloween coming up it makes it easy to plan fun things for Fallyn and I to do.  I have found since she is only 17months sometimes finding age appropriate crafts are hard.  She likes to “color” and paint, but most of the time I end up doing most the craft while she tries to get the scissors or glue from me.  But this week I’ve found some really great things for her, hopefully they all go well.  First, we bought sugar cookies, frosting, chocolate sprinkles and food coloring to decorate the cookies.  Of course we will be carving a big pumpkin, we also bought two small pumpkins for Fallyn to color or paint on I haven’t really decided.  Lastly, I’m thinking a cotton ball ghost.

The weather is also getting nicer so in keeping with my goals Fallyn, Dominic and I will be head outside for my exercise.  It will be easy to stay motivated knowing it won’t be 100 degrees out.  Going outside on walks is one of Fallyn’s favorite things to do which is also motivating as it keeps her happily entertained for 30 minutes.

Along with this nice weather and our Halloween projects it’s also Vince’s birthday Wednesday.  I haven’t planned for it AT ALL.  Ideas are appreciated and yes, I know, I’m a terrible wife.  In my defense a 17month old & 7week old have been occupying a lot of my time.  Any time I have that’s not spent taking care of babies or attempting to clean up after said babies, plus two dogs and a husband is spent working on a big project for my strategic marketing class, which will also be taking place this weekend.  Part of our MBA class will be hosting the first Rhythm & Brews an event to support Lakeland’s Imperial Symphony Orchestra, specifically their annual school day concert for Polk County’s 4th graders.  We are very excited to see all our hard work and planning in action this Saturday but also feeling EXTREMELY stressed as the count down to d-day keeps winding down.

I’ll post pictures of all our Halloween fun!  Of course, I’ll be weighing in on Wednesday, although I don’t expect to see much change as I didn’t really start eating better until today.  There will also be a post on the ups and downs of group projects since I’ve seen all sides just in the first semester of my MBA program.  Check back in often.

My Journey

About Me NOW:

My life as of late has seemed to come in increments of 16 months.  So, I created this blog to share my journey with you. I am the mother of two children born just a little less than 16 months apart, SURPRISE!! My second baby born just this September.  Now just to make things a bit more interesting I decided I should get my MBA, in a full-time program whose classes meet all day on Saturday, luckily I will graduate in only 16 months.  To top it all off of course, two pregnancies and a LOVE of food have left me with nonexistent exercise habits and 35-40lbs to lose!  I will share my life with you my family, friends, school and weight loss as candidly as possible the struggles and laughter, I can tell you there is a lot of both.


How I got HERE:

I graduated college with my undergraduate degree in April 2007 and was married in July of that same year.  Two years later we decided to grow our family and my daughter was born in May of 2010. Then, well as I like to say God saw my first child as such a success he decided we should go ahead and do it again, my son was born in September 2011.  During my pregnancy I received a letter from the college I studied my undergraduate with offering me information on a new full-time Saturday MBA program that could be completed in 16 months.  And maybe it was a hormonal impulsive decision but I decided to go for it.  When I graduated I knew I would go back for an MBA at some point, I wasn’t at a job I loved or that was very high paying, like so many college graduates right now, AND since daycare was going to eat most of my paycheck any how ($300 a week for 4 days!) what was there to lose (besides my sanity).  I could stay home while my children were young AND earn an MBA.


What You will Find:

I hope in reading my blog you will relate, laugh, find comfort and inspiration.  I will share with you my thoughts, opinions and stories, things that I find interesting, or helpful that relate to family, fitness, and education, my studying, tests, and projects.  I will share anything that helps me, be a better wife and mom, a more efficient student, or healthier person!