We are EXTREMELY Blessed!

I’m BACK….

Have you missed me?  Well, I’ve missed you!  Life got away from me and all of the sudden I realized its been months since I’ve written.  I have plenty of updates for you.  As you know I was in the home stretch of my weight loss goals with the help of Shakeology and Brazil Butt Lift’s Slim and Lift program.  Well God or the universe had something else in mind for me and I discovered I was pregnant in April!

With News, News and more News….

Fallyn at Disney for her 2nd Birthday!

We are in store for round three and couldn’t be happier, while we had been on the fence about our third child (The Right Number of Babies) and to tell you the truth my husband was considering having a vasectomy, our family couldn’t be happier than we are.  Again God and the universe must have known our family wouldn’t be complete with out a third child!  We will be expecting baby number3 around December 10th.

By the way, guess when graduation for my MBA is….December 15th, meaning finals will happen December 8th.  I will go out of my MBA the same way I came in pregnant/just having delivered a baby.  It is a little stressful but I got through it once I can certainly do it again 🙂

Other news, I have been working on a weight gain goal of 20-25lbs, this number is based on my beginning weight as being on the high end of healthy, as well as myself knowing in my last two deliveries 3 weeks after having the baby I lost 20lbs, which tells me that was the extra weight I was supposed to have gained.

While I have continued working out, this summer we’ve taken many vacations, so I’m having trouble moving out of vacation mode back into normal!  Well summer is almost over so I have plans!!

20 Weeks Pregnant

After I have the baby reaching my fitness goals will take priority again.  I already have my plans in place.  As soon as I feel good again after delivering I’ll start walking, then 6wks later after my postpardum check up as long as I’m good I’ll start one of the Beachbody Programs!  I’m thinking a round of Brazil Butt Lift followed by either Insanity or Les Mills Pump.  I really want Pump, the results I’ve seen from others are AMAZING!!  But so are the Insanity results so I’m still torn but I have time to decide.

Baby #3 Gender Reveal at Siesta Key…IT’S A GIRL!

And more updates…Fallyn turned 2 and Dominic will be 1 in about a month.  Time FLIES!!!  I have maintained a 4.0 GPA in my MBA which I’m extremely excited about.  My summer class is almost over so hoping to keep that 4.0 and move into my last semester starting at the end of the month.

In the near future…..

Some of the posts I have planned coming up will include, trying to stay on track when you feel as hungry as a trucker, working on your marriage, trying to keep your house in at least a decent condition when you have two children and two dogs bent on causing its destruction, the importance/myths of lifting weights, dealing with inconsiderate comments or unwanted opinions, teaching your children and more recipes.


Weigh In and Chocolate Shakeology Review

Sorry I missed you yesterday, apparently I can’t keep my days straight!  For this weeks weigh in I’m also going to share my starting and current measurements.  I’m on Day 19 of the Brazil Butt Lift’s Slim and Lift program.

Day 1 Brazil Butt Lift and Shakeology: 155lbs
Last Week: 149

Today 148, just barely

I will tell you at first I was a little disappointed, because I had been seeing extreme results as far as weight loss.  But, then I remembered I only have 13more lbs to loose and this last bit is going to be the hardest.  I also remembered that I’m going to start seeing definition and tone not just weight loss.

But, here’s what really got me out of my little disappointment!  My measurements!!!!  If you are doing an exercise/weight loss program take your measurements and pictures.  You will be amazed at your transformation even when you don’t see that scale move as much as you want it to.

Starting:                             Current:
Waist 34.5                         Waist 32.75
Hips 40.5                           Hips 38.5
Chest 38.25                      Chest 37
Right Arm 12                   Right Arm 11.25
Left Arm 12                      Left Arm 11.75
Right Thigh 23.5          Right Thigh 22.5
Left Thigh 24.5             Left Thigh 23.5

Just so you don’t have to do the math because I already did, that’s 6.75inches GONE!  1.75 from my WAIST, 2 from my hips and 1 from each thigh.  I’m amazed, I’m literally melting away in only 19days!

Yesterday, I realized I do have a bad eating habit 😦 It was brought my my attention by a great coach on my team who has three kids, one only 4months and looks AMAZING!  When I give Fallyn a snack or at meals I’ll take bites off her plate when she’s done or eat a handful of crackers as I’m giving them to her.  These bites here and there can really add up, thank goodness for the support I get from other Beachbody Coaches!  I am going to STOP that craziness, which will also help me see more of a weight change!

I wanted to tell you about Chocolate Shakeology and the benefits I’m seeing after only 19days.  Ok, so I know you’re biggest quesiton is the TASTE, is it good.  I can answer you honestly and say YES.  I like the taste I look forward to my Shakeology meal.  I played with a few recipes some I like more than others. I am a lover of orange flavored chocolates so my favorite recipe is 5cubes of ice, 1/2c water, 1scoop chocolate shakeology and 1/2cup orange juice.  I feel like I’m induldging in a box of my favorite candy.  And for only 210calories you can’t beach it.

I’m seeing lots of other benefits too already!  Those of you who know me, know I don’t have acne on my face but I do break out all over my arms.  Its starting to clear up!  I’m so excited, I’ve tried body washes and nothing makes them go away.  I noticed this just yesterday and the only thing that has changed is starting shakeology!  Of course I’ve gotten weight loss!  Its a little gross to talk about, but it wouldn’t be a complete review if I didn’t so I am more regular which was a problem for me.

The biggest thing for my though has been the energy, I’ve been struggling with giving up diet sodas because sometimes I’m just tired, I don’t drink coffee so I would grab one when the kids were just wearing me out!  Now, Vince has had diet cokes in the fridge for a couple weeks and I don’t even want them!  I have plenty of energy to get me through the day.  EVEN though I’m waking up at 6am to get my workout in because I didn’t have any other part of the day.

I am extremely happy with Shakeology, its so easy to drink a shake once a day it gives you TONS of nutrition.  The bag comes with a calendar with 30 recipe ideas on it so if you want you can have a different shake everyday!

If you want more information call, text, email or message.  If you are motivated and want to get fit, healthy and save 25% on Beachbody products I’d love to have you on my team, just ask me for details!

Committing to Fitness, Achieving your Goals

A few weeks ago I made the decision to start my own fitness business.  I researched the company the products they offered, benefits and history.  Just as I would have had I been accepting a job offer from another company.

When all these things looked amazing, I decided to jump in.  I became an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.  Beachbody is the company that produces at home workouts such as P90x, Insanity, Slim in 6 and Turbo Jam they are also the creaters of the meal replacement shake Shakeology.

I have so many things to tell you that I’m going to have to spread it out over a few posts!  Keep your eyes open for posts with detailed reviews on Shakeology, Brazil Butt Lift and the coaching opportunity.  For now, I’m going to tell you the RESULTS I’ve seen after only 9 days!

When I last posted I was down to 152, after that I had a rough couple weeks some of my motivation waned and I gave myself excuses to not making exercise the a must during my day and taking small bites here and there of foods I shouldn’t have.  My excuses included all the normal, we were visiting with out of town guests, it was my birthday, I have lots of school work….you get the idea.  I went against all my own best advice and gained 3lbs.

So, last Monday there I was with new resolve.  I was committed to my business being a success, of not getting off track again so that I could be there to help others and be apart of working towards Beachbody’s mission to end the trend in obesity.

To mark this date, I’ve decided to start tracking my weight loss from this point. I will still post how much I started at when I first opened this blog because with out support I wouldn’t have gotten to this point.  I wouldn’t have realized how import fitness is if I hadn’t had support.  I have found even more support and motivation in the other Beachbody coaches I work with.  I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this company!

But, let’s get to the results!

Starting Weight:  177
Weight Day 1 of Brazil Butt Lift and Shakeology:  155

TODAY:  149

YES!  That is 6lbs lost in only 9days.  FINALLY, under 150, FINALLY only 15lbs to go!  I can’t tell you how accomplished and even more motivated I am that my dedication and hard work are paying off.

I have been doing the Brazil Butt Lift Slim and Lift program and drinking Shakeology, usually for lunch sometimes for breakfast.   I’ve had tools to find more information, recipes from teambeachbody.com’s VIP club.  Not to mention the motivation and support I get from my coach and all the other coaches on my team!

More to the results this Monday when I measured I had already LOST almost 3inches!  Including 1/2 an inch from my waist, hips AND each thigh!

Because my biggest excuse for not exercising was time, with two children under the age of 2, school work and other errands my days pass pretty quickly and saying you are going to exercise IF you have time just isn’t going to get it done.  I have jumped on the bandwagon of morning exercise and get up at 6am so that I have time to workout, shower and a moment to myself before Fallyn and Dominic wake up.   I am not a morning person but man, this is the best way to do it!  You don’t have to think about exercising all day, you have more energy and your metabolism is revved up!  Not to mention the amazing results I’m getting!!!

Message, email, call text or leave a comment for me or visit my sites for more information!




Weigh In Wednesday!

Fallyn and I at Universal seeing the Animal Actors show!

This weekend my husband and I had date night.  Something we are going to try to do at least once a month possibly twice a month.  We are doing this because marriage is work!  You don’t just get married and then think “OH! I’ve got him now!”  You have to work to get along, work to remember you are in love!  Because sometimes you will forget.  I could go on about this for a while so best I move along, we’ll save that post for another day.

We had date night, we saw This Means War, which was really cute and funny.  And, we went to dinner at Don Pablos.  Well, I had my will power and motivation all in tact at the beginning of the night.  But, one margarita (a very large margarita) and I forgot EVERYTHING!  I ate queso and chips, refried beans (which those two things were the best and if I go again and want to indulge I’m just getting that), then I ate a taco AND an enchilada.

This was a HUGE mistake!!!  Not for the normal reason of I had guilt, which of course I did, but because before we even arrived back at my dad’s to pick up the kids I WAS SICK TO MY STOMACH!  Then I felt sick the whole next day!  Like a food hangover.  Ridiculous and definitely not worth it.  I won’t be doing that again, I know words are words.  But, I told Vince he better remind me how sick I felt after eating too much if it looks like I may wander down that path again!

The moral of the story being once you start eating healthier for a while your body can not handle nor does it want all the junk you used to eat.

Starting Weight:  177
Last Week: 153

Today: 152

Fallyn and I at Seaworld. I wanted to include a few recent pictures in this post so you can see the difference. These aren't great but just to give you an idea of my loss.

Well, not as much as I would have liked to see, since my goal is two pounds a week.  But, I did not work out Sunday (because I still felt sick) or Monday (no excuse I just didn’t).  And I’m sure my over indulgence on Saturday did not help. Well let’s set goals moving forward.  Next week I would like to get off two pounds, and I LOVE to see 3 gone so that I’m back to my original goal of 2/week.


I also have been given a great opportunity.  I’ll share more once its all worked out, but I’m excited to see where it will take me!

AND one last thing.  If you haven’t already check out the new page KONY 2012.  The information no matter what your political affiliation, beliefs, religion whatever, you need to know what is going on and hear what this video has to say.  It’s 30minutes that will change your perspective.

Still On Track!

Random Pictures for this post today! MY VALENTINES

Weigh in Wednesday is back again, I am happy to report I have been keeping to my exercise goals and good eating.  Thanks to pinterest and many new and healthy recipes I’ve collected its making it a lot easier.  I don’t feel like baked chicken and veggies are my only choices.  If you haven’t been the skinnytaste.com yet, go there NOW.  Well, when you finish reading my post.  But, she has tons of recipes, a lot of them are my favorites made over to be healthier options.  So exciting!!

My goal for this week was 153 on Monday I was there.  I’m hoping to see some change today, but it seems like the weight waits until the end of the week to come off now.  🙂  Which is fine because it keeps me working throughout the week.

Last week I am pretty sure I was active everyday except Saturday, I sat on my behind in class all day.  And during lunch we went to Fitniche to be fitted for new shoes.  If you haven’t done this I recommend it. First, I was wearing half size too small 😉 Already I can feel the difference.  When I was working out with my too small generic sneaker my feet were sore the next day.  I know it sounds funny but that’s the best way I have to explain it, when I walked it felt like the underside of my foot was sore.   Having the correct shoes for your workout needs and feet I now know are really important!

Here’s my weigh in:

Starting Weight:  177
Last Week:  155

TODAY:  153 🙂

My goal for the upcoming Monday is 151!  Wish me luck in sticking to my workouts!  Today I’m going to do Yoga for 30minutes on my Biggest Loser game for Wii and then walk after dinner.   This is a new “thing” Vince and I are going to try to do.  Since we are eating dinner at 5-530 and he doesn’t have overtime this week we have plenty of time to go out for a walk before he leaves for work.

I know working out is probably not at the top of your priority list, it wasn’t always on the top of mine.  I used to make excuses for myself why I didn’t have TIME to work out.  But, be honest with yourself.  Do you have time to watch 30minutes to an hour of TV?  Do you have time to check emails or Facebook for 15-20minutes?  Do you have time to read a good book for 30minutes?  Then guess what you have TIME to workout.  You just haven’t set it at high priority.  I know you think that I am at home all day, not working so I have plenty of time to get in my work out in.  I do nothing all day while you are at work.

I can tell you staying home is the hardest job I’ve ever had, there are no lunches or 15minute breaks.  No other adult to talk to, or complain to about the company!  But, honestly and truly I love every minute, don’t get me wrong there are times when I think “Oh WHY oh WHY did I not go back to work”.

I don’t know where the time goes!  Playing and feeding and coloring and diapering and running the the potty take up all my time.  I know it sounds crazy but when you finish with one and sit down the other needs something.  In between I write to you, do school work and clean (although I’ve lost a lot of cleaning time to my new pinterest obsession) and fit in a workout during the 30minutes to an hour each day they are both sleeping at the same time!  Is that what I want to be doing during my only break in the day. NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I want to be eating girl scout cookies watching trashy TV!  But, I also am so tired of making excuses for myself.  I am ready to be fit and feel good.


I know many of you have work on top of two kids so you are working two jobs.  But, I bet your kids would love to go for a quick walk after dinner instead of watching TV.  I bet they would get a kick out of you doing planks in the living room, or jumping jacks during commercials.  Little changes can add up to a lot over time.  And with summer just around the corner wouldn’t you like to be even just a little more toned then you are now.  I would!

Last summer when I was pregnant, I said I was going to be in shape enough to learn to surf.  I’m on my way there!  I am looking forward to time at the beach this year.  Which is a feeling I haven’t had in a while!

Weigh In

I posted on Monday about my refound inspriation and motivation.  I’m still feeling good and motivated.  And Vince has finally bought in to being healthier!  THis will be great for me, because its so much easier if he is not eating all those wonderful FATTENING foods I love!

Sunday we went to a trail by our house and walked 2miles then both did The Biggest Loser Challenge workout for our Wii.  Monday night I did 25min of Yoga this was extra as I have set me game to schedule me 5 30minute workouts per week, Mondays and Fridays are my off days.  Last night my Biggest Loser cardio/strength circuit for 35minutes, and tonight is another Yoga day for about 30minutes.  Still loving the Body By Vi shakes.  Last time we were at the grocery store I got bananas and frozen sliced peaches.  I wasn’t sure I would like the banana as much as I liked the strawberries and raspberries, but I LOVE them.  The peaches are ok not bad but not as good as the other mixes I’ve tried.  Of course, my favorite still being the chocolate peanut butter.

I don’t have too much to report since I poured my feeling out to you one Monday 🙂 so here is the weigh in.

Starting Weight:  177
Last Week:  156

Today 155

Monday I weighed 154 but I’m ok this time with a little bit going back up.  I have workouts planned for the rest of the week and I know that I can still make my two pound a week goal.  Hoping for 152 since I was 154 this Monday but overall I’m “scheduled” for a goal of 153!

Almost forgot since its Ash Wednesday, I have decided to give up fast food and soda.  Yes, I have of course been avoiding fast food since I started dieting but I will still have moments of weakness and if we are out make excuses that it is more conveinent.  This seemed like a good time to cut it out completely.  I am also giving up soda (even diet) because let’s be honest it is terrible for you, even the diet stuff.

Wish me luck!

Keep Going


I found this blog through a posting of one of her recipes on Pinterest.  Andrea weighed 268lbs and was able to loose 135 and has kept it off for 5years.

Why did I want to share this blog with you?  Well, I was getting into a little bit of a slump, I just haven’t felt like working out.  I was eating decently so still losing but I know I could be doing better.  I’ve also, gotten under 160 and have been getting many compliments and started thinking well maybe I’ve lost enough, size 10 is ok.  Which size 10 is more than ok its great, for some, not for me.  I was a size 4-6 before I let things get out of control.  I can be a size 6 again.  I should not weigh just under 160lbs, my ideal weight is around 135 probably 140 at the most.  Its so much easier to just let things go but then there are major consequences, your back, knees and other joints suffer.   When we let ourselves become over weight, do not eat healthy and don’t exercise health risks such as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer is heightened.

My point being its hard to stay motivated, even with all those consequences floating in the back of your mind, its hard.  I was slipping, I don’t like working out.  I LOVE greasy cheap fast food, hot dogs, and Pizza Hut.  I could eat a pan of brownies by myself in a day, I could eat 5 doughnuts and then head to Taco Bell for a couple tacos, nacho or bean burrito.

It is hard to say no thank you to a foot long ultimate sub at Publix, and go home and drink a shake for lunch.  Its hard not to eat Cheez-Its and chocolate chip cookies.  Its hard not to, but is it worth it.  At the end of each day I am successful in avoiding bad food choices and working out, I feel good.  Feeling good about myself, setting a good example for my children, extending my life those things trump a chocolate chip cookie every time.  That’s what I try to remember.

How have I started to come out of my slump?  I did one of the things I love.  I read and read and read some more!  I read the canyoustayfordinner.com blog.  If she could loose half her body weight(135lbs) then surely I can loose 45-50lbs.  I also through pinterest.com found a lot of motivational sayings/pictures for fitness.  I made one of these pictures my laptop’s background and saved the other pictures, which I have posted here for you.  I read shape.com to find more weight loss success stories.  I read my curves diet and exercise book and my Shape magazines.  I read WebMd’s frightening data, the risks of being over weight, of not exercising and of not putting the right nutrition in your body.  Through all this reading I found new inspiration, I found the motivation to keep going and loose the rest of my extra weight.

Don’t get me wrong I am a believer in not depriving yourself and moderation.  But, I also think moderation is how you keep your weight in check.  I am not there yet.  If my family is out and there’s not a lot of choices to allow me to eat healthy, then I just do my best but I don’t let my whole day go down the drain.  If I have one bad meal I make the next one better to help balance things out.  I don’t beat myself up over a wrong choice, I think about what I am going to do now to make up for it and what I will do next time to avoid making that choice again.

I want to be healthy, I want to be fit, I want to be stong, I want to feel confident, I want to my children to develop good eating and exercise habits at an early age.  I want to loose 20-25 more pounds!!!  I want to be a size 6.  The only person who is going to get me to those wants is me.

I better start working….

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A New Challenge

As you know Lindsey and I were so happy with the results from our first challenge.  This is why we decided to start another! This time we have invited others to join us for a Spring Bikini Body Showdown, because who doesn’t need to get ready for beach season!  Right now there are 4, by the end of the week there should be 5 of us all together.  This time we are doing a the biggest percentage of weight lost wins!  So far I’ve lost about 1.5%  I’m not in the lead 😦  But, that’s ok, I’ll keep at it slow and steady wins the race!

I missed you last week, I had so much reading to do for my classes I completely lost track of the days as they became filled with reading, question answering and some research.  But I’m back.

At the end of our last competition we decided to take a week off  then start the next competition.  Well I gained back two pounds so was up to 159 on 2/6.  Which was the start date for our new compeition.  My goal is to loose about 25 more lbs.  Which leads me to my question for you all.  I have been doing a lot of research on Ideal weights, BMIs etc.  For women it seems our ideal BMI for health is around 22, for attractiveness is somewhere between 19-22.  My goal weight has been to get to between 135-140lbs which is about 5-10lbs more than I weighed in highschool.  In my research I have found to get to the Ideal BMI of 22 I need to weigh somewhere around 135-137.  Which luckily is about the goal I have in mind.

After talking to some people, I have realized that when I start to get closer to a healthy weight I am going to stop paying attention to the scale  and BMIs.  I will still be weighing myself to stay on track, even once I get to an ideal point.  I think large weight gain happens because we do not pay enough attention to weekly fluctuations.  I know that’s what happened to me, I didn’t weigh myself and all of the sudden I looked in the mirror and couldn’t figure out how I got here.   Once I get to a healthy BMI/Weight to see what is IDEAL for me I plan to simply look in the mirror, at pictures and the size of my clothes to decided where I want to be.  What do you all think?  How have you figured out your ideal weight?

Starting Weight:  177
Last Weigh In: 157

Today: 156

Just so you know, last week I lost the two pounds I had gained back on our week off and from here on out would like to continue loosing around 2lbs a week.  So, the goal for next Monday is 155!  Lots of workouts planned and still loving my Body By Vi shakes.

See you next week.

Back Again!

Last week was very disappointing when weigh in Wednesday came around and I discovered I had gained two pounds since Monday (Thanksgiving finally caught up to me by Wednesday), which was also a pound over my weight the week before.  I had a mini fit and decided to keep going.  It wasn’t easy but I got a lot of encouraging posts regarding last week’s weigh in and I talked to Lindsey (my competition partner) A LOT! All these things combined helped to keep me motivated and didn’t send me running to Publix for chocolate cake!  I have been keeping a low carb diet which I will be on for another week, after that I will be adding back in complex carbs (fruit, whole wheat grains, etc.)  I can’t wait for that!  As far as exercise I have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30Day Shred level two work out.  It is perfect!  You get an amazing workout in only 20 minutes, and when Jillian talks you feel like she is speaking directly to you, I know it sounds cheesey but it’s a really great video.  For anyone who has BrightHouse Networks for cable you can try it on the Sprots & Fitness on Demand channel it’s under exercise tv.  I have been viewing it on Demand but I think I’m going to buy it as well so I can get the other levels.  Here is where I now stand:

Beginning Weight:  177
Last Week: 😦 169

Today:  165!!!!!!! 

So right now I am weighing a little less than I did pre-Dominic! Now to get off the left over weight from Fallyn.  I know I said last week the goal was 162, but I am amazingly happy with 165, obviously 162 was quite a strech.  I am still on track to reach the ultimate competition goal of 35lbs in 3months.

Other news is we are thinking of doing the Warrior Dash in Lake Wales, FL on January 21 or 22.  A 5k through the mud with obstacles!  I definitely don’t want to be embarressed or not able to finish.  I will be training, any advice would be greatly appreciate as this will not only be my first Warrior Dash, but also my first 5k.  I am excited though, I’m thinking that training for an event like this will keep me motivated to exercise.

Another motivating factor, I was able to wear a pair of jeans yesterday that I hadn’t been able to pull up past my thighs a few weeks ago!  And we all know how you feel when a pair of jeans doesn’t fit anymore 😦 Now, I can tell you it felt AMAZING when they did fit, it wasn’t even a struggle to zip and button 😉

I wanted to also tell you sorry for the lack of pictures lately, my camera is MIA from the move but I plan to locate it within week’s end.  I’ve been said because I’ve made a few really great recipes that I wanted to share.  Don’t worry I’ll make them again and update you, most were tests so I wasn’t sure I would be sharing and then they turned out so good I was sad I didn’t get pictures to share.    And just so you are not bored I will also be posting our pictures taken by the amazing Cari Vaughn, if you haven’t already check out her website.  She is an amazing artist and I can’t wait to share with you our photos that she has given us.  Honestly though, I sometimes go on her website and look at all the pictures of others.