Manageable Cleaning Schedule

My helper cleaning the window on surface day!

Ok, so I’ve never been a cleaner, there are so many other fun things to do!  I hate folding and putting away laundry, making beds, sweeping and mopping floors and especially vacuuming!  I don’t know why, lazy I guess.

Now I’m still not a bed maker and I’m no where near as organized as many, but I’m working towards it and this cleaning schedule is really helping.  I’ve tried other methods and while they were great and had lots and LOTS of good advice, they were just too overwhelming for me, a non-cleaner/unorganized person to even start.  So, I picked up this little gem from (can you guess) Pinterest. I adjusted it to fit the was my house runs and TA-DA, I’ve had a decently clean house, it’s been amazing.

The blogger of Fun, Cheap or Free is great, if you think that list is too much she has linked an even easier schedule to get you started.  But, if I can do this I figure just about anyone can.  I have changed somethings on the schedule.  For example her house seems to have mostly carpets where mine is all tile except the kids rooms, so some of the vacuuming changed to sweep and mopping.

Some of My Thoughts….

When I started this my house was not clean but it seemed so much more manageable to just look at the one or two things each day then to try to get to everything.  I only worried about what was on the list for that day and my house still ended up clean.

If your house is clean you’ll move through these few chores each day in no time.  So if you keep up with the list your house will always be clean and you’ll spend hardly anytime at all acutally cleaning it!  I used to say to myself well I’ll do everything on _____ day when my hubby is here.  But, guess what, it didn’t get done then either because on the few days when we’re all together I REALLY didn’t want to spend my time cleaning.  I’ve felt much less stressed because huge marathon cleaning sessions are not on my to do list anymore.

You maybe wondering why I have a “day” designated for laundry when I do a load every or every other day.  It’s because on laundry day I catch up weekend laundry and do things like sheets, decorative or kitchen towels, comforters….etc.  I used to wait until the laundry was out of control to do it and then I hardly ever got to things like bedding and the others I mentioned.  Yes, I realize that’s gross to admit but that’s the way it was.

The Cuban Mop, wrap a towel on the end that’s been dampened with hot water/cleaner solution and get to it!

Another thing you may be wondering about is why I sweep and mop three times a week.  Well, it’s because I have two 50-60lb dogs who bring in about 3 cups of dirt with them every time they go in and out.  To be honest I should sweep and mop every day but I just refuse, I hate floor chores and so three times a week is plenty for me.  Since this schedule is easily adjusted you can choose to do that chore more or less (I hope less).   I use our handy dandy Cuban Mop on one day to clean the floors a little deeper. Side note there’s nothing really Cuban about these mops, my grandfather makes them for us and someone along the way started calling them that.  I use the swifter mop the other two days for a quick mop.  Sometimes we need a fourth mopping day over the weekend, because like I said really the floors could use it every day.

I have also found to keep things decent we (the kids and I, but mostly I) clean up the toys and what ever other mess they’ve made two times a day.  My little guy is about to be one so he isn’t much help, but my oldest is 2 and if given a specific task she can do it without much supervision.  For example pick up all the food toys and put them in this basket.  I like doing this quick clean up before nap and before bedtime routine.  I used to think this also pointless, why would I pick it up when they are going to pull it all back out.  Well, I was very wrong, picking up a couple small messes each day is much easier than trying to pick up a HUGE HUGE HUGE mess every couple days.  Or trying ot get it done in the 10 minutes before someone came over because if I didn’t get it picked up said guest may think that some mafia group had come in tearing my house apart looking for evidence.  My children are capable of making such a mess.

Our dishwasher is definitely a necessity, it really helps to keep our kitchen clean I end up running a full load every day to day and a half.  I will also tell you that if your sink is clean it really is satisfying and makes your kitchen seem cleaner.  It’s like making your bed.  I don’t make our bed, remember hubby works 3rd shift so it’s being slept in on most days.  But, bed making does make your room look cleaner and I’m going to start doing it at least on his days off 😉

Somethings I have to do only when my kids are sleeping or after my hubby wakes up, like sweep and mop, clean bathrooms, vacuum (this because my husband works nights so vacuuming while he is sleeping during the day certainly would not be appreciated, we make enough noise as it is).  But somethings I do while they play with each other or while they eat, like empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, dust, wipe etc. Fallyn loves to help dust, I give her a rag and she follows me around wiping everything up.

On the fun cheap or free blog she suggests that this list can be done even if you work outside the home, I would agree.  I know you think stay at home moms have tons of time all day but I promise they don’t and full time working moms have even less.  I would say if you only worry about doing what’s on the list for the day you could definitely get it done after you put the kids in bed, while you may not want to spend anytime cleaning, I swear it really doesn’t take that long.  Especially if you keep up with it.  It took me 5-10minutes per bathroom yesterday.  While you may be tired after work and putting your kids to bed, I bet you sleep better if you accomplish just one or two chores.  Plus you’ll have much less stressful and nicer days off if you don’t have to pack all your cleaning into the limited days you get to have away from your job.

I have been reading the FunCheaporFree blog and recommend you check it out.  She has tons of great tips and tricks!