Weigh In

I posted on Monday about my refound inspriation and motivation.  I’m still feeling good and motivated.  And Vince has finally bought in to being healthier!  THis will be great for me, because its so much easier if he is not eating all those wonderful FATTENING foods I love!

Sunday we went to a trail by our house and walked 2miles then both did The Biggest Loser Challenge workout for our Wii.  Monday night I did 25min of Yoga this was extra as I have set me game to schedule me 5 30minute workouts per week, Mondays and Fridays are my off days.  Last night my Biggest Loser cardio/strength circuit for 35minutes, and tonight is another Yoga day for about 30minutes.  Still loving the Body By Vi shakes.  Last time we were at the grocery store I got bananas and frozen sliced peaches.  I wasn’t sure I would like the banana as much as I liked the strawberries and raspberries, but I LOVE them.  The peaches are ok not bad but not as good as the other mixes I’ve tried.  Of course, my favorite still being the chocolate peanut butter.

I don’t have too much to report since I poured my feeling out to you one Monday 🙂 so here is the weigh in.

Starting Weight:  177
Last Week:  156

Today 155

Monday I weighed 154 but I’m ok this time with a little bit going back up.  I have workouts planned for the rest of the week and I know that I can still make my two pound a week goal.  Hoping for 152 since I was 154 this Monday but overall I’m “scheduled” for a goal of 153!

Almost forgot since its Ash Wednesday, I have decided to give up fast food and soda.  Yes, I have of course been avoiding fast food since I started dieting but I will still have moments of weakness and if we are out make excuses that it is more conveinent.  This seemed like a good time to cut it out completely.  I am also giving up soda (even diet) because let’s be honest it is terrible for you, even the diet stuff.

Wish me luck!


The End of Challenge #1

Yesterday marked the end of the weight loss challenge Lindsey and I started on October 31st.  The challenge was to lose 35lbs in three months.  An extremely difficult goal at anytime, but this one was made significantly harder considering we chose to start the challenge on Halloween (we both had a child that would be going trick or treating), then it ran through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

Which brings us to today, one day after the end of the challenge.  While neither of us lost the full 35lbs, we both achieved significant weight loss.  How much weight did I loose?  Well, in this last week I worked out really hard and was very careful with my eating and lost a total of 22lbs!!!

Beginning Weight:  177
Last Week:  160

Today:  157 🙂

FINALLY, under 160!  I’m so excited, remember when I started the challenge with Lindsey I had gained two lbs since I had started weighing in with you.

Yesterday, Lindsey and I decided to start another challenge.  I still have 22 more lbs to loose and she has about 20.  We started talking and we decided to get more people involved in our challenge!  We have been so successful loosing weight through this challenge and being there for each other we wanted others to benefit too!   We have asked a few people to join us in our challenge.  If you are interested let me know, through email or Facebook message and I can give you more details.

Even though its a little horrifying looking back at how I started, I wanted to share with you some before and after pictures.  Please don’t look too hard at my face or kitchen in the background of the after pictures!  Both are a mess, I was cleaning the kitchen and have no makeup on, but had to grab Vince this morning before he went to sleep to take my after pictures 😉

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Not Much to Report This Weigh In

Sadly, I do not have much to report to you this weigh in.  I am getting frustrated as you will see when I reveal my minimal weight loss over the past two weeks.  I did not weigh in last week because we spent the week at my dad’s house because my sister was in town.

Starting Weight: 177
Last Weigh In: 161

This Week:  160 😦

I’ve only lost one pound, I’m pretty sure I’ve hit a dreaded plateau.  So ridiculous.  No wonder people have a hard time losing weight.  You’re going along eating better, cutting out some of your favorite foods, you’re sore from working out and all of the sudden the scale stops moving!!!

OK, I’m done complaining.  I’m going to stick with the Body By Vi shakes.  Besides helping me stay on track honestly its very convenient for me to drink a shake for two meals rather than try to make myself something healthy.  I still like the Biggest Loser Challenge game for the Wii, I think I’m going to increase my workout times or do one of the extra workouts.  The only thing that is a little annoying that I thought I should share with you in case you plan to purchase the biggest loser game is that throughout the workout you are switching the remote from hand to hand, or putting it in your pocket and moving the balance board in or out of place.  I don’t mind it but when I was reading others’ reviews it was something people complained about often.

Only 6more days of my weight loss competition!  I have lots of work to do, Lindsey has lost about 21lbs.  I started at 179 so I’m down 19.  Its pretty close, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to catch up especially if she looses anymore weight.  Overall, I’m happy that I have been able to lose this weight and plan to keep going I’ll figure out a way to get past the 20lb mark and keep you posted on how I do it.  Its hard to stay positive, but I’m going to do my best.

Next week’s weigh in I’ll post before and after pictures, maybe that will make me feel better too 😉

Weighing After a Week Back on Track

I’ve spent the past week getting back on track after a week of regressing back to my old bad habbits of not exercising and eating horribly!  I did a cleanse started the Body by Vi diet, and exercised using Just Dance 3 and The Biggest Loser Challenge for Wii.

All in all its been a rough week, to be honest I was hungry sore and disappointed that I let myself go back (even if it was just for a week) to my old ways.  But by Monday I was feeling back a healthy normal.  I didn’t feel as hungry all the time I wasn’t craving sugar and chips anymore, and I my motivation to workout has been much easier to find again.

Beginning Weight: 177
Last Week: 164

Today: 161 🙂

I’ve lost the weight I gained over Christmas plus an extra pound!  For my weight loss challenge I have 17lbs still to loose by the 31st.  I am not sure its going to happen I know 35lbs in 3months was a big goal especially when the three month span started on Halloween and went through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  In the two and a half weeks I have left I do plan to loose at least half of the 17lbs I have left.  After this competition is over I’m hoping Lindsey will want to do another with me.  Because, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have gotten this far without someone who has a similar goal.  This would be my best advice for anyone trying to loose weight and get healthier.  Find someone with a similar goal as you start a competition,  or set a partial goal together and hold each other accountable.

I wanted to tell you more about the two Wii games and the Body by Vi diet and what has been working for me.

Just Dance 3
For Just Dance 3, I’ve set weekly goals to get 7000 sweat points.  You get sweat points as the remote moves, if I play for 30min-an hour like 5 times a week its easy to meet this goal.  The time goes by really quickly as its fun and Fallyn loves seeing me dance around like a fool and she even dances too 😉  If you need some fun cardio I definitely recommend this as it doesn’t feel like you are working out, but you sure do end up in a sweat!  You can also have a higher or lower sweat point goals, 3,500 or 21,000.  Since I’m doing other workouts I stuck with the 7000.  If you are going to use Just Dance as your main workout then the 21,000 sweat point goal would be better.  Overall, I’m loving it!  Now you can cheat and just wave your arms around but that’s definitely not as fun  and obiviously, you would be cheating yourself and not getting a workout.

The Biggest Loser Challenge for Wii
Next, I’ve started the Biggest Loser Challenge game.  I really like that one too I may be biased as I am a fan of The Biggest Loser, but its still a good workout.  You start by doing a fitness challenge, weigh in and take your measurements.  It then asks your weight goal and gives you recommendations on your workouts such as main goal, focus etc. this is based on your fitness test scores.  You can opt to skip the test and just pick your own but I’m glad I did it, it has started me off on the challenging level, where I may have thought my appropriate level was lower.  Also, before your first workout you tell it how long you want your workouts to be after you can adjust the time if it was too easy or too hard.  I chose 20min which you total workout time with a good stretching section at the end is about 25-28min.  There are also extra workouts such as yoga, they have fitness tips and recipes  available as well.

Body by Vi:
Then I’ve started the Body by Vi diet.  This is a shake diet where you have a shake for breakfast one for lunch, a healthy dinner and healthy snacks.  I’m liking this so far too.  What I’ve figured out in the week I’ve started is that you need to look up recipes to make different shakes so you don’t get bored, and I would recommend staying away from fruit as your healthy snack just because the shakes are already sweet so I feel like fruit would be too much sweet stuff all day and you wouldn’t be able to keep it up.  So far my favorite shake recipes are 6-8oz of fat free milk, two scoops of powder 6-8frozen strawberries and a couple ice cubes all blended in a blender and I LOVE 6oz of fat free milk, two scoops of powder, 1tbsp of peanut butter and 1tbsp of unsweetend cocoa powder and some ice cubes again blended.  The recipe actually called for reduced fat peanut butter which would be better but we have so much regular stuff from Vince’s couponing, so I use a little less that a full tablespoon of each (peanut butter and cocoa).  As snacks I’ve gotten reduced fat cheese I’ll have about an ounce of that, hard boiled eggs and some of the veggie soups that have about 100 calories a serving.  If I do a serving of soup than that’s the only snack I have for the day but I’ve found it really helps me stay with it since sometimes I’ve found it hard to eat things that are cold all day; sometimes you just want something hot.  My dinners I’ve been keeping to 400-600 calories.  I’ll keep you updated  so far after a week on the diet this is what I’ve found works best for me.  If you are considering this diet I hope these tips help you too.

Posts to look forward to, how I got my babies to sleep through the night and a Buffalo Chicken dip recipe!


Adventures in Potty Training

*Disclaimer:  Don’t read if you are easily GROSSED OUT*

The day after Christmas I decided I would start potty training Fallyn.  She had been telling me when her diaper was wet and sometimes would tell me before she pooped and went on the potty.  But she wasn’t the magic age of two yet, so I wasn’t sure if she would really be ready.  Weighing everything I decided that I would try with her for a good week and if she didn’t seem to be getting it we’d wait another month and try again.

I have heard many methods that worked for different people and lots of advice.  Taking all this into account I decided the best method for Fallyn would be naked from the waist down for several days taking her to the toilet every 15-30minutes.  I knew this was going to be messy but our living room is all tile so I wasn’t too worried.

Day one went as expected pee on the floor several time and poop on the floor once.  But she also went in the toilet several times and was very excited with all the cheering I was doing when she did make it.  Also, when she pooped on the floor and saw it was totally offended and tried to run and get away from it (I found it hilarious, until I had to clean it up).  By day two she only had 2 pee accidents.  Day three it got kind of cold down here so we went to wearing pj pants.  This kind of set her back and she peed in them a few times.  By the weekend she was telling me when she had to go, and I just constantly reminded her she wasn’t wearing a diaper and to tell me if she had to go.

My Big Girl Fallyn

Now she is wearing panties at home all the time except during naps and bed time.  I ask her every once in a while if she need to go to the bathroom and if she says no (which she usually does) I tell her “don’t pee in you pants” and typicall not right away but soon after she is telling me she has to go.  Each day she is staying more dry through her sleep times and peeing a lot once she wakes up.  And I still am not  brave enough to let her go out with no diaper although the past several days when we’ve gone out she has either held it until we got home or told me and I took her to the toilet.

On a side note though, poor thing, if she spills water out of her cup she thinks its pee.  Which is really funny, because she’ll say “OH NO! pee pee, pee pee”.  She’s fine once I tell her its just water but at first sometimes she got a little upset.

Overall, I’m very impressed with how well she’s doing.  Again, she’s not two yet.  I guess this is another benefit of staying home with her.  I can work with her and praise her one on one.  At a day care most of the time they cannot start working on potty training until 2 because there isn’t a toilet in the 1year old room.  There is no point in even starting because if they can’t work with the child during the day what you can accomplish in a weekend would totaly be undone by the next weekend.

I’m Back

Hello!  I’ve missed writing to you all.  It’s been a hectic holiday and I’m a bit ashamed to say that I did not follow my diet and exercise program through Christmas and New Years.  But it’s a new year and I’m ready to get back on track especially since my horrid eating habits have left me feeling tired and bloated and just GROSS!  I know I felt terrible and kept eating, why do we do these things to ourselves.

Oh well, we can’t go back only forward so yesterday I started a 3 day shake cleanse.  You drink 3 shakes, recommended is shakeology but I had Body By Vi shakes so I’m using those.  I mix them with water not milk.  You also drink two cups of green tea and for dinner a salad with lots of veggies, 4oz of protein and a little lite dressing.  You can also have two pieces of fruit.  While I did feel hungry yesterday today I feel better overall.  So I’m going to stick with it for two more days.  Although I may do a veggie soup for dinner or something hot because that was my problem yesterday I wanted to eat something warm.

So, now to be accountable for the damage I’ve done not exercising and eating any and everything I could get in my mouth.

Beginning Weight: 177
Last Weigh In: 162

Today:  164

Honestly, I thought this would be WAY worse, so I can’t be too disappointed.  I am overall disappointed in myself, that I didn’t hold on to all the will power I’ve built up.  I’m not sure why I gave in either.   Maybe because everybody else was doing it, damn that peer pressure.

Well we had a nice Christmas but now time to get serious again I still have 20lbs to loose to meet my goal for the weight loss challenge, which ends on the 31st.  Lindsey only has about 16, while I don’t think I’ll be able to loose all 20, I don’t want to not reach the goal by that much!  I also challenged my sister to an exercise competition, who can workout on the most days before she gets here for vacation.  I’m DEFINITELY going to WIN that one 😀

By the way yesterday I tried the Wii fit free fun and “ran” for ten minutes.  Does anyone know how accurate the milage is?  I know it’s a lot easier to run in place then to accutally go for a run but I did run in place for about 15minutes which I was kind of surprised I was able to do that.  I have no cardio endurance to speak of, so while I know it’s not much I’m still happy with it.  If anything it’s motivated me to try tomorrow to try to actually run outside.  With a goal to run for 5minute intervals then walk two.  Again let me know if that’s reasonable, I’m thinking if I can easily run in place for 15 minutes I should be able to run outside for 5??  I’ll find out and let you know 😉

Here are some of our holiday pictures, at least I was having a good time with my family while making all those BAD choices!

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Two Sodas a Day Found to Raise the Risk of Heart Disease in Women – Shape Magazine

Two Sodas a Day Found to Raise the Risk of Heart Disease in Women – Shape Magazine.

Just one more reason to avoid drinking soda.  I know we all realize that it can cause weight gain even if you drink the zero calorie stuff.  But I would have never connected soda to heart disease!!  Hope this will motivate you to at the very least cut down on your soda consumption.  I know many of us drink WAY more than two sodas a day!