Pacifier Dielemma

NEVER have lots of sugar! FAIL!

When I got my dogs I said to myself, my dogs will never sleep in our bed, won’t eat people food, and won’t get on the furniture.  I was able to stick with all those NEVERS so naturally when I was pregnant I knew many things that my children would never do as well.  I knew my children would never drink soda, I knew I would encourage them to play sports, practice an instrument, draw, paint, dance, I knew McDonalds would only be eaten every once in awhile, I knew that they would not have a bottle past the age of one, I knew I would take away their pacifier when they were less than 12months.  I knew so many things that I would certainly and even more that I would NEVER do.

Bottle gone by 1, this one I managed

Well, NEVER SAY NEVER.  Of my list my kids have never drank soda (given to them by me, I know my Grandmother slipped Fallyn Sprite once and then was scolded), they are not old enough yet to enroll in sports and fine arts activities but this one I know I’ll be doing soon, Fallyn LOVES to dance and run!  McDonalds unfortunately became a frequent place for us when I was pregnant with Dominic, .99cent Chicken Nuggets and $1.99 Happy Meals lured me in!  Bottle we did well with, that was gone around 10months.  I wanted her to have time to adjust to no bottle for a while before Dominic was born.

My biggest guilt, Fallyn still uses a pacifier.  I know, bad parenting!!!!!!!!  I can’t do it, I can’t take it away 😦

I know the way she is sleeping is distracting but, notice said pacifier!

In my own defense, because Lord knows when your child is going to be two in a few months no one else is going to defend you for still giving them a pacifier.  I was all determined when she was about a year maybe a little older.  I started to research ways to get rid of the pacifier.

Everything was for like a 6 year old (ie leaving them for a pacifier fairy) the more I read the more and more it said by two you should limit pacifiers to bed and nap.  Well, HELL I had done that a long time ago I was ahead of the game right? Then here came my big shocker, where I kind of gave up on the idea of taking it away, I read on multiple (credible) sites such as and that Drs. say pacifier should be completely given up by 4years old to prevent the child’s teeth from moving!

Her teeth being crooked was the whole reason I wanted to take it from her.  And if that wasn’t going to happen until after 4, then I still had FOREVER to figure it out.

So, here I sit typing to you while my Fallyn is sleeping soundly with her pacifier.  I have started asking her if she’s ready to be a big girl and sleep with no “fier” she says “no”.  I know, why am I asking a 1 year old what they want.  Honestly, I’m not ready to force it.  I put her in her crib she grabs for the pacifier and her sock monkey I cover her with the blanket, say I love you, good night my baby and turn off the light.  She sleeps until morning.  Same thing happens at nap, but that only lasts about two hours 🙂

My little cuddlier!!

Dominic isn’t a pactifier baby, not like Fallyn!  He’ll take it every once in awhile but Dominic is going to be a blankie baby.  He gets a hold of one of those little blakets with the animal heads and squeezes and closes his eyes right away.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ll have Fallyn kick her pacifier habit before she’s four.  Then I don’t have to worry about her teeth, maybe sooner she does love being very independent.  Another reason I haven’t tried very hard to take it away.  I think she’s going to have to decide for herself or its going to be a horrible experience for us both.

Oh! All the things I KNEW then...

The point of this post being NEVER SAY NEVER, especially when you are talking about your future parenting wills and won’ts 😉  Because your child is different then everyone else’s and you can explain away all their worst habits!