Cari Vaughn Photography

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The pictures speak for themselves as to what an artist Cari truly is, but I really can’t say enough good things about her.  Our latest photo session Fallyn was just about 16months and not coopertavie.  Still Cari was so patient with her and was able to get some great pictures for us.  This slide show is just some of my favorites from the newborn sessions we had with her.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to her website as she does gorgeous pictures of families, children, weddings, engagments, etc.  She also has a facebook page, that she updates often with her latest work.

So, often we are quick to share a poor experience, I LOVE sharing the great experiences that I have had.  And just so you can distinguish, the baby with TONS of long hair is Fallyn and the BIG baby is Dominic 🙂


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*All Photos in this slideshow were taken by Cari Vaughn Photography*


2 thoughts on “Cari Vaughn Photography

  1. You are so sweet Rachel and I am truly humbled by your kind words! You have such a beautiful family and I look forward to many more sessions with your sweet little ones. 🙂

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